Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

  • Ability to participate in company through the democratic process.
  • Equity and Cash Back based on Petroleum, Food, Floral, and Pharmacy Purchases.

Membership Involvement:

As a member of a democratic organization, you are entitled to a vote at the Annual Meeting, as well as participate in the mail-in election of the Board of Directors. You are entitled to participate to a greater extent in the co-operative as a board member according to the requirements as set out in the by-laws.

A Share in the Profits:

Each qualified purchase you make using your member number will be totaled yearly. This year the Red River Co-op Board of Directors, approved an allocation to the membership of 6.82% on fuel purchases (average of 6.3 cents per litre - based on an average regular unleaded retail pump price of 91.7¢/litre during 2017), 5% on pharmacy purchases, and 2% on food purchases. Over 226,000 cheques totaling over $28 million were sent out to Red River Co-op members, with an average cheque amount of $125.

During the past five years, Red River Co-op has returned more than $181 million in cash to its members: money that stays in the local economies where they do business; making the communities they serve stronger for current and future members. During 2017 the Co-op contributed more than $125,000 to a number of worthy non-profit community initiatives, bringing its contribution to over $884,000 during the last five years, making these communities a better place for all residents.

The positive growth rates we've seen over the past several years means excellent returns for our current and future members.

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