This web-portal is currently closed

It has come to our attention that some members have received a suspicious email identifying a user password that may be associated with the Red River Co-op member log-in page. More specifically, we have been advised that the email appears to be using a name and email address that includes common phishing language such as "Save Yourself". This email indicates that, among other things, the member's computer has been infected with malware by this individual, that all of the member's private data has been recorded through a webcam, and that the member must transfer money (via bitcoin) to the individual to prevent the individual releasing the video to all of the members contact.

The email received by these members appears to be a relatively common phishing email that is intended to alarm and frighten recipients of the email so that they will transfer money (usually bitcoin) to the fraudster via email or bitcoin address. These emails will often identify a password or other user information that is specific to the recipient. These types of scams have targeted thousands of people in Canada however the common theme is that these fraudsters do not actually have video of the individuals that they are looking to blackmail nor do they have access to their contacts or other information they claim.

Nonetheless, if you are the recipient of this type of email scam, it is important to remember the following:

We want to assure members that this login site is not integrated with Red River Co-op’s data, and that the login site simply communicates the information generated by our members to our Member Services department via an email. No equity, financial or credit card information is contained or is available through the member login site.

We emphasize that Red River Co-op takes the security of member information very seriously and as a precautionary measure we have removed access to our member login site. We are currently working towards providing our members with a different method to update their member profile information, or to make general inquiries. It will take some time to complete this transition to a new method and until then members may make address changes through Manitoba Address Change

or contact our Member Services Department directly

in Winnipeg at, or outside Winnipeg at 1.844.616.1447.